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This is where you will find the latest information and how you can contribute to the future of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) site in Yarralumla.
Forestry Place is the name we have given to the next evolution of the 11 hectare CSIRO Yarralumla site that is bounded to the east by Banks Street, to the south by Bentham Street.
Map of Forestry Place

A Federal Government decision eight years ago to consolidate CSIRO activities at Black Mountain, has left the Yarralumla site excess to their requirements.

A handful of CSIRO staff and some external tenants remain on the site. CSIRO sold the site to Gunyar Pty Ltd in June 2002, with a twenty year lease allowing CSIRO to retain control of the property. The Crown Lessee of the site is The Trustee for Gunyar A.C.T. Properties Trust.

The beneficiary of the Trust is The Shepherd Foundation (https://shepherdcentre.org.au), a Registered Charity whose primary purpose is to assist children with hearing loss. The Shepherd Foundation is headquartered in Sydney and has a local presence in Canberra.

Oakstand (http://oakstand.com.au), will act on behalf of The Shepherd Foundation to manage the evolution of the CSIRO site to Forestry Place, Yarralumla.

What is Forestry Place, Yarralumla?

Forestry Place could be many things. Because of its size, heritage and location, the site could host educational, residential, commercial, cultural or community future uses … or a combination thereof. The name and branding reference the physical and social history of the site.

Sites that integrate thoughtful, harmonious, creative, sustainable uses largely succeed only after careful and considered master planning. This helps ensure master planned solutions are not only flexible and adaptable, but are also environmentally and economically viable.


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